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Emotional component of Diet

Nearly every time I make a bad food choice it's under the influence of emotional pain.  Unpleasant memory = french fries, too much stress = candy.  Consider buying bags of fresh spinach for these types of emergencies and they are by the way, crucial moments in our lives.  I hold my emotional food choices in my upper arms and thighs so if I want to know if I'm letting my uncomfortable feelings run away with me all I gotta do is take a look in the mirror.

Another strategy beyond spinach consumption rather than a dose of sugar washed down by caffeine may be an activity like a stretch at a desk, push-ups against the wall in the employee break room or power walk with friends.  If in a wheelchair consult a physical therapist or doctor on what you can do.

Be aware of your EMOTIONS and see if that improves your DIET, REST and ACTIVITY.  The four themes of Train Wreck Cosmetics.  "DEAR"

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