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     Introspection brought me to the word HABITS.  I am the result of habits and choices in both good and bad situations.  For me, I noticed  habits in four areas of Diet, Emotion, Activity and Rest or “DEAR” which directly impact my health evidenced by what I see in the mirror.  The reflection of self both physical and emotional, is staring right back at me when I do my morning routine of grooming in preparation for the day.     

      Train Wreck Cosmetics will center social media and blog posts  around the  “DEAR” theme  in an encouraging environment.  If you feel so inclined, at the top of a journal entry, or scrap paper, write the letters DEAR where quick notes can be made to evaluate progress.   

      Train Wreck Cosmetics will be publishing thoughts and meditations on these four themes.  Feel free to stop in, take your cyber coat off and stay awhile. 


Joan Spitz, CEO Train Wreck Cosmetics

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