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Rest: Fretful Sleep Avalanche

Fretful sleep can be a symptom of a life with too much fear and worry.   We live in a time where abusive bosses get the promotion and pay scale is biased inducing inability to take care of and enjoy our families for whom we work in the first place.   Replaying disturbing events in our minds, what ever they may be, can make it nearly impossible to sleep.  At a time when you need sleep the most, it is nearly unobtainable.  The band "Talking Heads" lyric "can't sleep, beds on fire, don't touch me I'm a real live wire" seems relevant.  These nearly impossible life happenings put us at risk for a life avalanche.    Decision making and job performance suffers along with your loved ones.  Being organized and having a schedule helps as it is when we endure the loss of loved ones, sick children, hostile work environments and such that we are unable to remember where the keys are or forget an important meeting.  Also if you ever needed a diet and exercise routine it's these times when clinging to these healthy habits mean the difference between going through something or staying in it for the rest of your life. Hold yourself "DEAR".  Diet, Emotional, Activity, Rest.  Four good habits to guide you through the desert.

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