I noticed my mood impacting my energy in most everything I do from walking in the park to climbing steps.  A common way some express their connection between feeling blue and energy in movement is “less spring in the step”. Make a cognitive choice when appropriate to induce more positive energy in your movements... take the advice of the rabbit and get hopping!
The economy and political landscape has induced some to feel like they don’t have many choices.  Working hard does not necessarily produce the best outcome as it did 20 years ago so what is one to do?  Try not letting it consume you if possible, feeling boxed in will take its toll on parts of your life you do have control over.  Baby step suggestions may be the following      Diet:  drink water,    Emotional: Let go   Activity: organize   Rest:  Schedule.  Don’t forget to breathe.
What Snow White didn’t realize is that if she had washed off the apple before eating it she wouldn’t have fallen asleep.  Let’s consider where are food came from.  At the very least, wash what you eat.  Just ask the bald eagles, they will tell you certain pesticides before outlawed, almost eliminated the species.  As for the jealous stepmother, good luck with that.

The past six months have taught me two things I should have learned by now.  1.  I'd rather weather a hurricane with friends than thunder storms by myself.  2.  Just because people throw rocks at me doesn't mean I should throw a mud pie back.  It's better to duck.   When it's really raining... I mean a flip-'no downpoor, find someone to share your umbrella with.  Be encouraged.

-Train Wreck Cosmetics

I recently increased my activity by about 80%.  I was happy about the way my pants no longer cut  off my circulation upon sitting down but not feeling joy about the brain fog rolling in from the high seas with no lighthouse.  Thanks to a tip from a friendly neighborhood dietician, I am feeling better with a considerable stash of trail mix, protein shake and water on my desk.  Be careful with increase of activity and stress without the right  nutrition to accommodate it or you may be at risk for making life altering bad decisions or pass  out.  Move and groove but make sure the tank isn't empty!

Excercise habits.  Small changes in behavior may lead to big changes in behavior.  One or two push-ups may turn into 5, then 8, then a small walk after and the next thing you know you are  at a gym having a blast.  For those with disabilities don't be shy to ask your physical therapist or doctor some easy exercises you can do for your inch-by-inch strategy.  As always, anyone engaging in exercise or activity should consult their healthcare provider for a safe program that is right for you.

Joan Spitz

Boundaries can be perceived as battle grounds when one begins to establish an emotional do-not-cross perimeter.  This is unfortunate because without them there can be less than favorable outcomes for both parties involved.  First evaluate the pattern of hurtful behavior and what impact if any it has on your state of mind and by extension your health.  Depending on the situation try polite conversation or a consult with friend or therapist on the best possible solution.  Ultimately there is no shame in protecting your emotional and physical health.  Also be open to examine your own words and behaviors.  Do they go beyond another's do-not-cross emotional perimeter?

Joan Spitz

There are several reasons for waking up only to feel you must climb back in bed, among them is sleep apnea.  Snoring or periods of cease fire on the breathing followed by gasps or waking up exhausted are symptoms of a potential life threat.  If you think you may have sleep apnea, make an appointment with your doctor and ask for a sleep study.  If diagnosed with this challenge, one may require a breathing assist machine while sleeping.  This intervention will not only reduce chances of serious unfortunate health consequences, it will improve overal sense of well being and joy.

Joan Spitz, CEO

Housework getting you down?  Spend time finding new dance tunes for a chore mix.  With a little creativity you can turn folding laundry into a move and groove dance fest.  Turn it up, get it done, doing chores it's lots of fun!
Be careful with holiday sugar.  Think before you act.