Eyeshadow Triple Milled neutrals & highlights

Triple milled, highly pigmented eyeshadow all shades available as refills.  Can be used wet as an eyeliner or with our liquid transformer.

p - pearl or frosted          M - matte no pearl

sugar p
wisper p
canary p
rice m
shiver p
motive m
pebbles m
faith m
latte m
hail m
chamois m
glare p
butter m
beige mist p
the bomb p
poodle m
sweet pea p
way cool p
pop art m
twinkie p
berlin m
beachy p
star quality p
white star p
moonbeam p
glowstick p
perfection p
guru p
tinkerbell p
random m
lemondrop p
mushroom m
futuristic p
tail spin p
rapture p
fixated p
all out apricot p
blow dry p
creme de la creme m
satin doll p
dawn p
biscuit p
hindsight m
merge m
weave m

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