Eyeshadow Triple Milled bronzes & browns

Triple milled, highly pigmented eyeshadow all shades available as refills.  Can be used wet as an eyeliner or with our liquid transformer.

p - pearl or frosted          M - matte no pearl

bark m
nu m
t o m
savanna m
cactus m
vintage p
merlot m
web m
bronze p
desert m
turkish p
hussey p
rusty nail p
hot pants p
fur vest m
painted p
sin city p
big daddy p
harlem m
big time p
brownie m
urban m
date night p
frisky p
luxury p
boho p
pseudo p
hardcore p
eyes closed m
minx p
ochre m
muddy p
toffee p
vibe p
dominate m
cocoon m

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