Lipgloss TWC

This hot little number is dressed in it’s slick new black outfit sporting a glorious collection of 61olors.  Texture is slightly tacky, highly pigmented lipgloss coded as:



Fringe c
punk c
embrace c
nibble p
pinky c
watermellon s
pink lady c
bling bling p
short shorts p
vespa p
girl stuff o
candy p
cocoapuff p
cream fraiche c
high speed p
copper pipe p
black cherry s
hello dolly c
hot lips c
killer heels p
go bare c
pin up p
sorbet s
remake p
brilliant c
fire engine c
lou Lou o
petal c
enchanted p
huetopia s
revamp s
venom c
bronze ice p
sweetie pie c
eclectic c
swinger P
disco c
twillite p
upgrade c
get wet c
burlesque c
puff piece c
cotton candy p
squeeze toy c
cheater p
paint job c
hot flash c
venitian p
origami c
naive c
hedonism c
exaggerate p
Lavender c
biker chic
on top
all that

Collections: LIPS

Type: LIPS

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