The Art of Dreaming

May 08, 2019

The Art of Dreaming

By Joan Spitz

     Russian based Photographer, Katerina Klio has a diverse portfolio of fashion, freelance and portraits but among her collection are what she describes as “Fine Art Photography”.  At first glance of her online virtual galley, one would imagine they are looking at Dantes Dream, displayed at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, England.  It’s easy to get lost in her collection as it is filled with beauty contrasted by themes of evil, melancholy and confusion. She feels that her photography “ is a way to show people that all our fears and dreams are real and living inside us".   Although she possess a commercial portfolio, it appears her passion steers her away from marketing products to a more honest intention.

     Born and raised in the Ukraine and well traveled throughout Europe,  Katerina now works in Russia bringing a diverse background into her photographic story telling using images that collide different time-periods and cultures.  From the fashion world perspective a more “House of Katerina”  couture for the modern mind is evident.  The beauty is, in the contemporary world, just about anyone sporting a mobil phone can view her take on things.  The makeup, costume and location design seem to be a Victorian classic look with a hint of Cirque De Soule ensconced in precision lighting. 

      Traditional photographers capture what they see as an observer.  Katerina takes an active roll in her story telling by participating in casting, costumes, makeup, lighting, and locations.   The subjects are carefully chosen with details of costume reflecting no particular space-in-time allowing the audience to create their own interpretation.       Although there appears to be influences of high fashion marketing, the individual interpretation is what captivates as one would call it imagination begets imagination, the take away for others is simply that the photos are beautiful.

     Katerina’s father, an amateur photographer, is credited as a source of inspiration.  As a child she “loved to watch the process of printed photos appearing like magic”.  That magic merged with inspiration from her dreams is what she describes to be the foundation of her work.  Miss Klio believes we “have a choice to allow dreams and nightmares to be more present in the physical.”  Her theory with that connection of dream-state-reality induces an understanding that we will have a “powerful loyal society with no wars or violence”.     
     She is currently working in Russia, but also influences other artist and photographers by providing her master classes and workshops in different European countries.     All are encouraged to visit her online and social media sites.  They can also be purchased on Shutterstock. image 1010674342, others available